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Monday, November 22, 2010

One day down and nothing accomplished toward Thanksgiving dinner!

My last post I mentioned I would start prepping today and guess what? Nothing has been done except the several appointments I had scheduled and now I'm headed to a meeting. That puts me one day behind! I was actually looking forward to my time in the kitchen today. Does anyone else look forward to a day alone (or with someone you love) in the kitchen, lovingly preparing special dishes? I find cooking a time of reflection and meditation...IF...I have the time, the ingredients, the utensils and a good glass of wine!

I am singing in the Christmas cantatta this year with our church choir so I'll be practicing my bass part to the music while I'm in the kitchen. "Singing" is a little's more like making a "joyful noise!" Anyway, I'll be singing His praises while I cook. And yes, I said bass. Amazingly, I can't reach the alto notes but I fit right in with the bass section.

Soooooo....tomorrow is cornbread and chopped vegetables day. I'll knock that out right after the 6:00 AM prayer breakfast and the 8:00 AM communications committee meeting and the noon girls lunch. Oh well, I did have good intentions!