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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another new adventure?

A few months ago at, a lunch gathering of old high school girl friends, we had a discussion about what we would do with our lives if money were no object. Pam Mursch Steiner, who was unemployed at the time, said she would write. That is her dream and with some encouragement from the group, she began the next day fulfilling that dream. She created a blog called "Closed Doors, Open Windows." (See the link on this page.) She also began writing the book she had always dreamed of writing.

WELL....her blog inspired me to begin writing a blog also. I can't tell you how much fun I've had with this little project! What a blessing to have feedback from friends and family concerning whatever the subject of the day has been. I'm afraid I've been all over the place with the subject matter for these pages. I think that's okay as I simply write about what's on my mind and I enjoy doing it.

Here's the really weird thing: A little over a month ago I received an email from an unfamiliar person at asking me to begin a blog on their website. I was intrigued by the request and right away began writing a "How To" blog on cooking. It's mostly recipes from my young adult years and new recipes from friends and family. I am having an absolute blast with all these old recipes on "My Southern Table."

A couple of weeks into writing "My Southern Table", began a competition. They have a judge who determines if your new pages are worthy of the competition and for every page chosen they put $1.00 in the prize pot. The top three will divide the pot with half going to the winner, etc. I began to receive messages indicating my pages were being entered in the competition. Then I began to accumulate followers. The amazing things is the followers are simply all over the world. They are from Spain, London, Tennessee, etc. How much fun is this? (By-the-way, I am currently in first place with another week or so to go in the competition.)

Here comes the really interesting part. I was discussing the blog with a new friend who also loves to cook and happens to own a B&B. He is a family man who lives in Orlando and spends a few days per week in Tavares at the B&B to see to his guests. During the course of the conversation he invited me to make breakfast from time to time for his patrons. I may also make dinner for up to twelve people if requested. I would love the opportunity to entertain guests in this beautiful old mansion and I'm looking forward to working out the details. I am also very nervous about the planning and executing part with my lack of formal cooking experience.

My Juice Plus business is booming and I am training new people and helping them succeed. There is not a ton of extra time to devote to this but I don't want to pass up a new opportunity. Please pray for guidance for me. I'm going to need all the help I can get. Thanks!