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Hopefully this will be a place of resources and information for living a healthy lifestyle while feeding your soul. Recipes, links to helpful sites, words of encouragement and scripture....all to help you and your family make wise decisions for your life.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A new adventure?

I was recently invited, due to this blog, to be a founder on's pages. The invitation said they were looking for "experts, such as yourself." HA! I accepted the challenge of creating a blog on Videojug even though I do not have a clue how to operate the new blog. This blog "Food for thought and spirit" was also a challenge in the beginning. Just finding my way around the blog site, determining how to create, edit and publish posts took some effort. I made some mistakes and learned from them. I was able, after some experimentation, to decipher how to post images and videos.

The focus of the new blog will be food and nutrition. I intend to invite my "foodie" friends and family to contribute to my soon as I figure out how to do it myself. I tried to post a picture of a bowl full of Zellwood corn for my first page post and it just didn't work. I know I'll learn as I go and the site will look good and provide good information but it may take a while.

I would love to share your favorite recipes if you are willing to allow them to be published. They may not have been published before, unless it was in a recipe book to which you submitted the recipe. AND I would love a story to go with the recipe. Is it a family favorite? Did you grandmother make it for family holiday gatherings.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Become a follower and make a comment. I can't wait to see how the blog will look in a couple of weeks after I figure it all out! Thanks to all the current followers and I look forward to your comments and advice for the new blog.