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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pig On The Pond!

WOW!! Busy, busy day today. I attended the "Pig On The Pond" event in Clermont, Florida on Lake Minneola. I was there to represent Juice Plus with Dr. and Nicole Casavant from South Lake OB/GYN. They had all the things I love but never eat...funnel cakes, flavored ice, kettle corn, brats, pulled pork barbecue, chili fries. Oh my! Okay, so once per year is not bad if you partake of really bad for you food is it? I had the bratwurst.

I am amazed how many people are interested in finding different ways to supplement their diets with good nutrition. The children are a real problem for some of the parents but it is surprising how many of the kids actually love fruits and vegetables. One mother of two young boys told me her kids always chose salad vegetables and fruits over junk food. I think parents are better educated now than when I was growing up but I still reminded her how fortunate she is. She agreed.

There were thousand of people attending this annual event. They raise money for scholarships for the south end of Lake County. I was impressed with the how organized and well run it was. The biggest problem was the wind. There were 30 mile per hour gusts that sent anything not tied down rolling across the lawn.

I was there, on my feet from 0900 to 1745 (5:45pm) and my feet, back, neck all hurt. I shall retire early tonight and sleep like a baby. Good night all!!