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Friday, May 28, 2010

My brain is back in gear...

If you have been following my progress with this low carb/high protein diet, you know my brain has been out of commission. Since the brain operates on fat and carbs and I have deprived my body of those two nutrients, I have been pretty much mush brained. Even my hair is like straw and my skin is that of an alligator. It's amazing to me how fast your body changes when you do not feed it properly.

Yes, I know the current diet is not sustainable. I shall stay on it long enough to lose 90% of the weight I want to take off. Then I'll start reintroducing more fat and a few carbs. I had been assured my brain would adjust and get going again after a couple of weeks. I am now in the third week and I am happy to report I am starting to see a difference. I'm not where I need to be with focus and motivation yet but I'm getting there.

I am thinking of taking this day off and puttering in the garden so as not to beat myself up over not getting things done. If I plan to loaf maybe my mind can accept that I have been totally unproductive today!

One thing I know for sure...I'm going to Zellwood for some corn. Lots of corn. I'm not eating it but I am cutting it off the cob and freezing it for when I'm able to eat corn again. Is there anything better than Zellwood corn?