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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yard work....the results!

Does God create anything more beautiful than flowers? I suppose you could say children but I'm talking about just the shear beauty of a simple plant or tree with a bud that opens to a remarkable splash of color. It is easier this time of year for me to "feel" God's presence in my garden. I find myself meandering around the house with a cup of tea thinking each bloom is prettier than the last. As I approach each bed I whisper, "Thank you Lord!"

The extremely long period of cold weather has damaged so many of the tropicals making it necessary to cut them back to the ground. The really good news is they will come back! That means there is going to be another flush of blooms later in the year when they all recover. If they do not recover sufficiently this year then the rewards will be delayed but the rewards will most assuredly be there. Isn't that just the way God works?

I hesitate to admit I am trying to grow tomatoes again this year. Each year I try and each year I declare I am never trying to grow tomatoes again. I am defeated by bugs, blossom end rot, worms and insufficient nutrients. I am an avid and experienced gardener but tomatoes cause me frustration to no end. I love tomatoes and consume them daily. It would be cheaper to just buy them but I can't seem to put to rest the desire to grow them. When I was exiled to the north I grew them successfully every year. Is it Florida?

God thank you for flowers. Thank you for the peacefullness of my garden. I know you are there with me. Thank you for the sweet, sweet fragrance of the orange blossoms and the melody of the birds singing. Help me remember to enjoy your gifts of beauty. Amen