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Friday, April 9, 2010

Gadget techno geek?

Do I fit that category? I have to admit I am saving my pennies (literally) for an iPad! I love my iPhone, Bluetooth, my computer, my lap top and most especially the DVR. The GPS has saved me many, many hours of frustration with my hubby! Satellite radio saves me when I'm traveling and digital cameras, well need I say more?

Most of my Juice Plus business is completed via computer as well. It seems everyone is busy and few want to venture out at night for a presentation. Fortunately, someone recognized this and came up with an online presentation. Now it's twenty minutes, you at your computer, me at mine (both in our pajamas if we want) and we walk through the web page. How cool is that??

Much of the paper work of what I do has been eliminated. My family's business, my Juice Plus business, my church committees, my position as Treasurer of the Rotary. All of it on the computer. I print out only what is needed at a meeting. Almost everything is point and click.

Transfers online, reserve books at the library, order products (even shoes), pay the bills, do background checks on potential tenants, contribute to charities, research medical conditions.... Is there any end to the ways the Internet has made our lives easier?

Of course, there are always down sides to everything. Identity theft is huge, carpal tunnel is on the rise but for the most part I'll take the technology any day!