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Thursday, June 17, 2010

20 Pounds lost....hope I don't find them again!

Today was a milestone. I have lost a total of 20 pounds in about five weeks. I am celebrating by continuing to do what I have been doing since I began the diet. After all, I used to celebrate by allowing myself a special "treat." That would have caused me to put back on a couple of pounds. I call that discipline and discipline has been a serious problem for me in the past. I sincerely hope my undisciplined days are behind me because losing weight is no picnic!

I am a little less than half way to my weight loss goal. I have 28 more pounds to lose and I am growing weary. It is difficult to eat out or socialize with friends as I don't want to be a pain. I am also a foodie and my limited diet is not very satisfying.

The good news is the diet is effective and I'm losing so quickly I won't have to be on it for more than another five weeks. That is, if I continue to lose at the same rate. I'll be able to go to the next phase that will allow a few more carbs and a little more fat. I'll be grateful for the fat as my hair and nails are absolutely brittle.

I am very happy to report I am wearing clothes I haven't fit into in quite some time. Bathing suits are still an issue. I look better but it still isn't pretty! Maybe next year!