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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gardening is God's blessing for the weak!

A few days ago I wrote about my occasional "road rage" and my weak mind and explosive temper. Now I am writing about my love of gardening and the peace I find in watching living things grow. I marvel at the beauty of a flower blossom. I even like the weeds that bloom. After all, all plants started as "weeds." These are a few of the new blooms from this morning.

The gardenia is my very most favorite and I have been eagerly anticipating the day the buds would open. I have been carefully watching, watering, fertilizing, checking for bugs and disease and today I am rewarded with the first of many blooms. And then there's the fragrance....aaawwww. I love the lovely perfume of gardenia. Have you ever seen such a pure white?

The other pictures are special as well. This is the first year the yellow African Iris has bloomed. I planted it several years ago and I was beginning to think I was going to have to move it again or chuck it. As much as I love them I am not very tolerant of poor performers. I am patient enough to give them plenty of time to put on a show but eventually they have to produce.

The spike is an Agave Cactus, more commonly known as a Century Plant. Once it blooms the plant dies. The spike just started about a week ago and it's already 15 to 20 feet tall. You can watch it grow. Amazing! The last one that bloomed in our back yard grew to 40 or 50 feet and we had to cut it down before it fell and took out a tree. It was leaning and we were having storms. Hopefully this one will be allowed to grow and bloom.

I am thankful tonight for the gift of a green thumb and I hope you enjoy the pictures too.