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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Can't wait to consume everything I cooked today!'s the run down of what's been cooking: Corn pudding (the Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg KY recipe), roasted root vegetables, turnip and mustard greens, cornbread stuffing, pistachio dessert, giblet gravy. Brittany is making squash casserole and broccoli souffle'. Britt is making pumpkin pie. Wayne is doing one turkey on the spit and I'm doing another in the oven.

I know it's over kill. We can't possibly eat all that food. I still love Thanksgiving for the food and family. I don't care if we have to give away half the food, it was fun cooking and I always enjoy the feast AND the leftovers. There will be plenty for everyone to take home.

My friend Millie made and delivered a ricotta pie and pizzianas tonight. (Not sure of the spelling but they're wonderful!) Wow! The cookies are fabulous and I can't wait to dig into the ricotta pie. I'm not sure I'm going to share it. I have been looking forward to this rare treat for a long time.

Tomorrow my son and grand kids will be here along with my friend Dee. Others will stop by later in the day and we'll spend some time on the phone with friends and family in other states. I can hardly wait for the day to begin. Right now I'm pooped and need to rest before tackling the birds.

Thank you God for this wonderful holiday! Thank you for our abundance and bless those who are serving our country away from their families. Amen.