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Friday, May 7, 2010

Old Friends!

We started first grade together, went through elementary, junior high and high school. We graduated together twelve years later. We have lived our lives separately and now we have come back together in our "senior" years. Most of us have grandchildren, some of us have many and I have grandchildren old enough to make me a great grandmother. PULLLLEEEEZZZZE!

We have lunch once per month. It's always fun and we're a little rowdy for most people's taste but the wonderful thing about age is....we don't' care.

We had lunch on the "veranda" today and spent much time laughing about the waiter who did not have a single thought in his mind that did not come out of his mouth. We shopped in the cute little gift shop and talked about a pact to never wear SAS shoes! (Wearing SAS shoes means you are officially old! Everyone knows that!)

We discussed our trials and tribulations, agreed to pray for one another, called friends to find out what Vera Bradley bag they were looking for, discussed our plans for the next few weeks. Some plans included great vacations, the impending birth of new grand babbies, visiting grown children undergoing chemo therapy and grandchildren going off to college.

Carol was out of town, Sue was baby sitting her grandchildren, Marsha was in the hospital and Carolyn was having lunch with her visiting brother. In short, not all of our usual gang was together physically but we were all together in spirit. We have enjoyed this type of friendship since we were little girls. We are blessed to still enjoy and, indeed, treasure our friendships some sixty years later. With God's blessing we will still be getting together once per month when we are 105 years old.