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Thursday, April 15, 2010


Okay...the Dragon Boat Festival VIP Tent (my responsibility) is nearing completion. The Cups, glasses, plates, napkins and utensils are bagged and ready for the truck. The wine, beer and alcohol are purchased and ready to be transported, iced and served. The tent is erected, the tables ready to be set up, the table cloths ready to be laid and the decorations placed.

I still have a few things left to get ready for my Juice Plus tent on Saturday but Friday night is under control. It will be an early morning tomorrow with last minute details and pit falls. (The hotel rooms for our officials and out town guests were given away and we just found out about it. There are very few rooms left in the area! Ugh!) I am sure President Becky has that under control by now.

With all the hard work for all the Rotarians it will still be a fun weekend. There will be much racing a little imbibing and a lot of fellowship. There will also be a great deal of pride in the Tavares waterfront!

To top it all off I just returned from a virtual franchise presentation and hope I have a really dynamite new team member! Thank you God for helping us all get through this very hectic last few days with grace and peace. Keep us safe and along with all our guests. Amen

So much to do and the clock is ticking!

It's crunch time. The Dragon Boat Festival begins tomorrow night and there is still much to do. The Rotary leadership is very well organized and it's certainly not the first time at the dance for most. It is for me. Although I joined Rotary last spring I could not participate in the Dragon Boat Festival last year due to a prior commitment. Now I am learning while doing.

Everyone has been working hard and it's going to be a fabulous event! There will be sponsors and vendors,several hundred paddlers and thousands of spectators. There will be great food creating wonderful aromas in the park. The water park will be open for the kids and the waterfront in Tavares has never looked better. The City of Tavares is doing a great job of handling all the festivals each weekend. Congrats go to all involved.

I can't wait to see the "Awakening the Dragon" ceremony tomorrow night and I know the acrobats and drummers will be a special treat. We'll be ready and hope you'll be there to have fun with us.

Unfortunately, I have been so busy with Dragon Boat I am still not packed for our trip to to Phoenix. We are leaving Sunday morning for a few days at the beautiful Cibola Vista Resort and Spa in Peoria AZ. I also have a Virtual Franchise presentation tonight for which I am barely prepared. Since Wayne and I will be at the festival tomorrow night and all day Saturday I am just not sure when we are going to pack and get ready to go. I don't see a lot of sleep in our future.

Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary and we didn't even have time to celebrate. The Cibola Vista will be a relaxing and celebratory time for both of us. Four wonderful days of pampering and resting and reflecting. Can't wait to just sit and read a book. Any suggestions for a good novel to read on our trip?

Following our four days of indulgence we begin four days of the Juice Plus Leadership Conference in Phoenix. I always look forward to the conference and reconnecting with my JP+ family and leadership. It's going to be a busy few days and a relaxing week following. Let the frenzy begin!