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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hectic days....sleepless nights!

This combination is not good for the body or the soul. Even though it's still cooler than it's supposed to be in Central Florida, the trees are in full pollen. I seldom have headaches but the last two days my head has hurt so badly my eyes have ached. It has been brutal. Can't sleep, can't eat, can't read, the light is uncomfortable!

We are trying to get away for a brief visit to the frigid north to see three of our five children and five or our ten grandchildren. Trying to meet obligations and tie up lose ends before we leave has prevented any chance of a nap. I find myself nodding off in meetings and longing for my sleep number bed. ANY number would do.

Seems as though there is a scripture to go with all this dilemma but I can't think of it. Maybe you can make a suggestion?