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Saturday, April 17, 2010

My hair hurts!

I am exhausted! All the Rotarians are exhausted! Wayne is exhausted too. How did we go and go and go when we were younger? I can't think of any area of my body that doesn't hurt. My hair even hurts! Or at least that was the expression many years ago. You get the idea.

The Dragon Boat Festival was a huge success. There were thousands and thousands of people there today. I never had time to walk the park and see all the sights. We were busy mixing up smoothies and helping people be healthy. I could hear the drums and saw the "awakening the dragon" ceremony. It was loud and colorful. The Chinese Acrobats were amazing and the drummers were incredible.

The food was delicious. I hate to admit we tried dogs, hamburgers, fried egg rolls, fried shrimp, fried pickels, funnel cake, oh my! Wayne even took his Juice Plus capsules with beer. What's up with that?

The paddlers are well organized and seem to have a ton of fun paddling. Each team had their own tent and many of them brought elaborate buffets or grills for grilling, chairs, mats, etc. They were true athletes, working out and stretching before they competed. Many of them inquired at our tent and purchased smoothies so I think we will have some new, health conscious followers soon.

When we arrived home we had to unload the car again. Empty the coolers, wash the blenders, put things away....AGAIN! Next year will be different. I shall offer discounts to the paddlers and get word to them ahead of time. I'll have a wagon to bring our "stuff" into our tent and back to the car. I'll also bring food since none of need the junk we ate today. I did enjoy it though. 80/20

Now we start packing as our flight to Phoenix leaves at 0830 tomorrow from Orlando. At least when we arrive at the Cibola Vista in Peoria AZ we will have nothing to do but relax for four days!! Thank you Jesus!