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Monday, March 8, 2010

Watermelon moon.....

It was another late night and early, early morning. Most of the family and a few friends were over last evening for dinner and a discussion on quantum physics. I'm not joking, quantum physics. Unbelievably, I was mesmerized by the animated reenactment of a real experiment I watched on the Internet. If you have the slightest interest, here is the link. You will be amazed, really amazed.

After that titillating conversation we had to set the alarm for 0430 to leave for the airport. I had totally forgotten how nature treats cars parked in the damp and very cold driveway. Ice on the windshield, ice on the door handles, ice in the puddles! The other thing nature does on a cold winter's night is cause the half moon to look just like a big slice of watermelon. I couldn't quit lookng at it as it was very beautiful with the darker rind around the outside and the lighter, almost transparent shade in the middle. The only thing missing were the seeds.

Our Florida minds didn't think about the ice so we didn't allow time for thawing when we determined how much time we needed to get to the airport. We made it on time in spite of the obstacles. We also were able to secure a seat on the first non-stop to Orlando. Oh happy day, Oh happy day! Back in the sunshine state where the temperature is mid 70s. I really don't like cold weather!!

Thank you Lord for the gift of my home state, Florida.