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Organic Produce

Veggie-Table Coop

Our goal is very simple- to make ORGANIC PRODUCE more affordable for all.

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Veggie-Table! Here are the general “rules” that need to be followed plus the address to my home. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me.

1. We will be having the Co-Op on the second and fourth Thursday of the month.

2. The directions to my home: 19544 Eustis Airport Rd., Eustis. If you are coming from 441, turn at 44B. (It is the same as Donnelly St. but towards Eustis NOT Mt. Dora.) It is the same side of the street as Lowe’s and CVS. Go almost 2 miles and on the right, you will see the Fire Station and New Hope Presbyterian Church. Eustis Airport Rd. is between the two. Directly behind the fire station is our home on the right. If you are coming from 44 (Orange Ave.), turn at the BP Gas Station, the first left will be Eustis Airport Rd., in between New Hope and the Fire Station. Our home is directly behind the fire station on the right.

3. Orders will be sent out on Saturdays, prior to the Thursday pick-up and I will need your order back by Monday evening. I will be ordering on Tuesdays. The list will include all the produce and the current prices that we order for the week. Please note that produce prices and availabilities are constantly changing.

4. Since we order by the case, there may be at times it will come down to “First Come, First Serve” in the order process. So, it is a benefit to get your order in as soon as you know what you would like to purchase.

5. “What can I do to help?” Thanks for asking… There will be a sign up sheet at the Co-Op so you can pick the Thursday that will work for you to help bag orders. I will need at least 3 women per week If it is your week to work, I will need you there by 8:00 AM so we can have the orders completed by 10 AM. With everyone taking a turn, you should not have to do it often. The sign up sheet will also include small tasks such as breaking down boxes and sweeping. It will be especially useful for those who are unable to be there early. The lovely thing about being there early to bag is this—you will get your produce early and you can head out for the rest of the day! YEAH!!

6. Please include your phone number at the top of the order form just in case I will need to call you.

7. The time for pick-up is very important…. 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at my home!!! If something arises and you are not able to come at the allotted time, call me and we can work it out.

8. We will also need $3.00 from everyone to help purchase bins for the produce to be stored in until you arrive. We need to at least appear to have everything in an orderly fashion. HAHA (I had to add that)

9. Bring bags so you can help take your order from the bins. This is especially important if you have a big order.

There are no membership fees to be a part of this Co-Op. It is all about having people join together to save money on quality, organic produce.

I hope I have answered any questions that need be answered but if I have not… email or call.


Sherri Owen
352-589-7050 H
352-406-0085 C