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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Read any good books lately? Here are two I recommend!

I am sooooo excited this week! I have been saving my pennies (literally) for quite awhile to buy a Kindle. This past week Amazon lowered the price enough that I could buy one. It arrived a few days ago and as I was trying it out I discovered it was not back lit so I can't read in the dark without a reading light. I was very disappointed and thought I had maybe ordered the wrong one but upon further investigation I determined none of the e-readers are lighted. Bummer!

I am still absolutely in love with this little device. I already had a Kindle application on my iPhone so I was able to transfer my unread books to my new Kindle. It is very thin and the battery lasts a very long time. No more books piled up beside my bed!

One of the first books I bought is, "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews. I read it in no time flat and ordered the follow up book, "Mastering the Seven Decisions" by the same author. According to the two books, our lives are exactly a result of our own decisions. I know instictively this is true. The "Traveler's Gift" takes you on an wacky adventure to explain the seven decisions we make in life. Great story and very inspiring. I am determine to make better decisions.

Here are the basic decisions we all face:

1. The buck stops here - the responsible decision
2. I shall seek wisdom - the guided decision
3. I am a person of action - the active decision
4. I have a decided heart - the certain decision
5. Today I will choose to be happy - the joyful decision
6. I will greet this day with a forgiving spirit - the compassionate decision
7. I will persist without exception - the persistent decision

Now to make my life better by abiding by these seven basic and spiritual decisions. A couple of the choices are no problem for me. I don't blame anyone else for my circumstances so the first decision is a given. I am enough of a conservative thinker that I know I am responsible for my own lack or prosperity and my own spiritual growth or lack of it. I still learned a few things in decision one though.

I am also a very, very happy person. Always have been and hope to always be happy! I praise God I do not possess a spirit of melancholy! I know that is a big issue for many people and I'm glad that is something I do not have to work to conquer.

Now that active decision is another matter. I am a procrastinator. I am determined to change....just as soon as I take a nap! Seriously, I have a tendency to put things off, lolly gag around and piddle. By doing the exercises in the follow up book I shall change. I am a person of action!

Another of the decisions I must work on is the certain decision. I have a decided heart! NOT! My procrastination is a result of not making decisions when they need to be made. Amazingly, when I'm under pressure I tend to make decisions quickly and effectively. If it's an ordinary day I tend to be lazy about deciding.

How about you? Do you see an area that needs work in your life? Both books are easy reads and the second one sort of a workbook. I have begun the exercises and can't wait to put into practice the seven decisions! Want to join me?