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Friday, July 16, 2010

30 Pounds gone! I'm almost there!

Tuesday I went to the doctor's office to weigh in and be measured. I was floored when I got on the scale and the assistant kept pushing the weight down and down. I had lost a total of 30 pounds! I was very surprised since my scale showed me two pounds heavier. Go figure!

It's been, and continues to be, a simple process but not an easy process. I eat out often and that makes a little more difficult. I have discovered that most restaurants will do whatever you ask. They are almost always very accommodating. The Copper Heron makes a plate of egg salad, chicken salad and tuna salad for me. It's not on the menu but Bill always tries to accommodate. Last night Wayne and I had to go to Altamont Springs and decided to eat at Carraba's. Being an Italian restaurant I was afraid I would find it difficult to make an appropriate selection. I asked the waiter to leave off the tomato sauce from the halibut and replace it with bruschetta. He did and and it was wonderful.

I have 18 more pounds to go. I know I'll reach my goal and hope the weight loss doesn't slow down as I near the end. Once I'm where I want to be I am going to transition to a mostly vegetarian program. I love vegetables, grains and nuts so it should be easy. Complex carbs are okay. I am slowly reintroducing some of the complex carbohydrates now. Just a little though. I dont' want to lose the same three pounds four times!

Thanks for all the support I have received from all of you. I really appreciate it. I am truly blessed of God to have so many good and supportive friends.