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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get thy financial house in order!

Is there any subject more "in the news" today than finances?  The countries financial house is in disarray.  Most states, counties and municipalities are not much better.  Seems every day there is a new crisis that requires more borrowing or spending. 

Then there are individuals like me.  My past habits of impulse buying "stuff" caught up with me years ago.  Fortunately, I realized I had an issue with spending and did something about it.  (Something congress hasn't learned!)  I am still not completely cured but I have learned to really think about a purchase before I just whip out a credit card.  For one thing I stopped using credit cards and began using cash or my debit card. 

I was inspired to get control of my spending, get on a budget and start paying off debt by the financial radio personality, Dave Ramsey.  I began listening to his radio show many years ago and found him to be an amazingly frank, to the point, straight shooter.  What an inspiration he is to so many millions of listeners. 

My finances are certainly not where they need to be but I'm getting there by working Dave's "Baby Steps."  While continuing to work on my issues with money, spending and saving, I was sure I was hearing a call to help others do the same.  "Me Lord?  Really?  I mean I'm working on it but at present my life is a mess!  Me?  Really?

So I am coordinating Dave Ramsey's money course, "Financial Peace University."  My church, Tavares First United Methodist, is offering the course beginning on the evening of September 11, 2011.  We are nicknaming the course, "Let Freedom Ring."  To register for the class call the church office 352-343-2761 or go to and click on "classes" then "Financial Peace University," then "find a class."  Use the Tavares zip code (32778) and then click on continue and then "register."  You can buy the membership kit from the church (at a discount) on the first evening of the class.  The class is already filling up! 

It is the tenth anniversary of the attacks on our country and Tavares First is holding a prayer vigil beginning on September 10th at 8:00 am and continuing for 24 hours and ending just prior to the time when the attacks began.  Please join us anytime for the prayer vigil in the sanctuary.  Stay all night, all day, a few hours or a few minutes.  We'll be praying for our country, our leaders and ourselves.  Even if you can't join us physically you can join us in prayer.