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Monday, March 15, 2010

Grateful for freedom!

I know you are already thinking the patriotic kind of freedom. I have to say I take the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA for granted. We should all be thanking God everyday for the ability to say, think and come and go as we please without fear. Think of the people in North Korea, Iran, China and other places where everything is controled by the powerful elite or the government.

The kind of freedom I'm enjoying today though is the kind I gained with my retirement from my 9 to 5!! I am sitting in my wonderful office upstairs with windows on three sides looking out at the world. It's a beautiful day and I enjoy listening to the birds and watching them in the bird bath. Believe it or not, I am able to make phone calls and send emails while enjoying life. What could be better?

Working from home or running a home based business is certainly not for everyone but I just can't tell you how much I enjoy it. If I wish to have three hour lunches with girl friends, no problem. If I want to work my business only until 1:30 in the afternoon, I can do it. If on Tuesday my husband and I want to get in our boat and cruise the Dora canal we do it. If I want to gift this lifestyle to five of my friends I can do that too. There is no other business that would allow me the opportunity to ethically produce this kind of security and this kind of lifestyle.

It's good to be happy in your chosen vocation no matter what that is. Crown Financial Ministries teaches that each of us should work as if we are working for the Lord....because we are.