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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catching up and starting over....

Okay, vacation is over, we have visited with our old and dear friends, we have eaten every treat we could lay our hands on, watched good movies and drank to excess. It was fun and now it's time to undo the damage.

Starting tomorrow I shall stop the Frappuccinos, again! I shall start to eliminate many of the toxins I regularly consume like Diet Coke. I am not going "cold turkey" but will gradually reduce the amount I consume. Part of the problem with stopping all at once is the headache from caffiene withdrawal is excrutiating. I've done it before and shall never do it again.

More vegetables, more fresh fruit, deffinately more salads shall be the order of each day this week. I am dragging out and dusting off my vegetarian cook books and plan to experiement with several new recipes. I shall also prepare some of our old favorites. I'll post any really good recipes I find, try and think they are worth your time. If you have any suggestions please email them to me.

Be in prayer that I'll find the discipline and strength to stick with my exercise program this week. I'll be praying for help too.