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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New healthy recipe, organic produce and ......Dragon Boats?

It's organic produce coop day and I can't wait to pick up my veggies at the Veggie-Table. (See the "Organic Produce" page for details or to join.) I found a new, healthy recipe I am anxious to try and I need the fresh kale I have ordered to make it. (See "Recipes" page.) I found the recipe on the Whole Foods Market web site and I highly recommend their site.

In researching the Bible to find what Adam and Eve were given to eat, I ran across this web site called "ivillage." I know nothing about the site but there was quick quiz to determine your "biotype." Mine was Hunter-Gatherer and my diet should consist mostly of plant foods with some lean meat. The results also said I love to eat outside and should do that as often as possible. That is so very true! I do love picnics and boating and back packing. I never do any of those activities without food being involved. I almost always choose a restaurant with outdoor tables if the weather is good. Noise is a deal breaker though. I detest traffic noise!! Here is the link to the quiz. It's short and rather fun:

What's that about Dragon Boats??? I am a Rotarian and our big project/fund raiser is coming up next month. I attended a Dragon Boat meeting last evening at Lucy Ho's Bamboo Garden in Leesburg. (The owner, Paul Lao, is a member of the Tavares Rotary and Paul treated us to many fine Chinese dishes. The food was fabulous!) The plans for the Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival are well underway and I am impressed with the organization of the event.

Most of the downtown merchants in Tavares will be participating and I'm sure it's going to be a great time!! You can find more information at There is a great video highlighting the city and the Dragon Boaters. Come join us on April 16Th for the Opening Ceremonies (evening)and the "Waking the Dragon" ceremony. Then on April 17th the races begin very early. Plan to spend the day with us. It will be fun and will benefit several deserving charities, including Tavares High School!!