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Monday, August 20, 2012

Praise the Lord....if you are in the correct building and you mop the floor after the service!

Do you attend a church with multiple services in more than one location?  If so, are all the locations treated equally as a sanctuary where members worship God together?  Does your church welcome anyone who desires to worship God as a family in whatever manner suits their tastes? 

I have filled many leadership positions for my church and consider it an honor to Glorify God with my imperfect service.  If anyone bothered to ask me about my preferred form of worship it would be something akin to "black gospel" with great rhythm and subtle movement with reverence and grace.  I love the old southern gospels with an African American flare.  It's my favorite form of music of all time.

Please don't misinterpret me.  I love the old Baptist and Methodist Hymns and the new contemporary praise music!  I love, love Sandi Patti and Larnelle Harris and Amy Grant and Lynda Randle, Michael W. Smith and most of all the Gaither Vocal Band.  I love movie show tunes, opera, ragtime, big band and disco.  I could watch and listen to the Eagles for hours. 

My biggest regret in life is that God did not see fit to give me a great singing voice!  I love to sing God's Praises!  Unfortunately, I do not sing well but I do sing loudly!  Didn't God say, "Make a joyful noise!?"  That's what I do....I make a joyful noise and I move much as I am worshiping. 

It must be a family trait.  On a recent visit to my brother Joe's I noticed he was quite animated in the choir.  Everyone else was very properly still but Joe was bouncing and swaying to the music!  I always try to sit in the back of the room so I'm not quite so obvious.  I just can't help moving and swaying to the music. 

That brings me back to my first you attend a church where the congregation honors all forms of worship.  Do you worship in the "correct" building or is there an acceptable sanctuary and a separate and inferior building where members who worship in a "traditional" manner are right and everyone else is simply tolerated?  I am very, very happy to be part of a church where everyone and every form of worship is welcome?

Occasionally, we are all gathered together in one place to sing, pray, read the Bible and Praise the Lord together.  I love those occasions!  I love my "hugging" congregation and I love the Lord God Almighty!  Thank you all my life long friends who invited me to join you at this "Church on Fire to serve generations with Christ's Passionate Love!