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Monday, May 24, 2010

Please Lord, change my attitude about dieting!!

Okay, so I need to lose some pounds....many, many pounds. Can't there be a way to do that without becoming completely and totally bored to death with the food on the list? There must be something out there that would just melt away the pounds while eating tasty, visually satisfying meals. RIGHT!

Actually, I now know it takes focus and effort to lose weight. I didn't get this way overnight and I won't be slim and trim again overnight. I am praying for a change of attitude though. When you are a "foodie" like me it is even more difficult. I love food. I love cooking and trying new recipes. I love trying new restaurants and having lunch with girl friends. I love food!

The good news is, I have been following a low carb, high protein program for almost two weeks now and I have lost 12 pounds. How cool is that? I expect by the time I weigh tomorrow (the two week mark) I shall have lost another pound. I know if I stick with it I'll reach my goal in about six weeks. I think, with prayer, I shall persevere to the goal.

On phase two I'll be able to have a little more variety but I'll never be able to go back to my beloved Starbucks Frappuccinos! UGH! I'll never be able to just eat mindlessly again either. Sugar is gone. I'll eventually be able to stick to an 80/20rule but for the most part this is a life changer.

I'll do my best to stay with until I can relax a little. I've put to much into to it to quit now. Please pray for me to have the strength to make it to my goal. Thanks everyone!