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Friday, March 12, 2010

Family, friends and team members....

Family: I am thinking of several members of my family this morning. I am so gratefule to have a large, loving, positive thinking and mostly happy family. My older brother is a dynamo who works hard and enjoys the fruits of his labor more than anyone I know. My younger brother served many, many years in the service of our country in the military. My cousins are more like siblings and we all grew up together in the best of circumstances. We had an ideal childhood and I am thankful for it.

This morning I am driving to Merritt Island to visit one of two remaining aunts from my father's siblings. Aunt Esther has always been one of the most intelligent among my aunts and uncles. Her body is failing her now as she copes with severe back problems caused from a lifetime of being overweight. She, like me, did not embrace exercise and is now paying the price for not be a good steward of her body. She is 85 now and can barely move.

My other aunt, Ruth, (Esther's sister) was here visiting from Missouri a few weeks ago. She is in amazingly good shape and looks 25 years younger than she is. She visits the gym at least three times per week, watches her diet and enjoys rich friendships. I am hoping and praying I have Aunt Ruth's genes!!

Friends: I am also thinking this morning about my friend, Pam, who has been unemployed for eight months and is starting a brand new job this morning. She and all her friends have been praying with her for a job or an income and she received the wonderful call yesterday. I hope she has a day full of peace.

Team members: I am praying for God's perfect will in the lives of all my team members. One team member is mourning the loss of her physician husband just a few months ago. She is a little hard on herself, expecting to be "over it" already.

I have several team members who are frustrated with the lack of progress in their businesses. I am praying to be a good leader and asking for the right words, the right amount of encouragement, the correct tools to offer. There is a very fine line between encouraging and pushing people and I am praying I will stay on the correct side of that line. On the other hand, I too, want to advance me business and be a good example.

Lord, be with all of us today. As we drive in the rain, keep us safe. As we seek to help people enjoy good health through better nutrition, give us effective words. As we attend training, open our minds so we learn. As we fail you, forgive us. As we praise you, shine on each of us the light of your love. Amen