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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The good fight....

I lost a friend to cancer this past week. She fought the good fight and did whatever she could to combat this terrible plague on our society. She went through the normal routine of chemotherapy, followed all the doctors orders and tried to eat right. The problem was the chemo made her so sick she lost her appetite and her kidneys failed. After going through dialysis and finally getting back on her feet, she was ready to resume chemo but it was too late.

I miss my friend and I am regretting not calling her and seeing her more often. It had been several weeks since I had spoken with her and she had sounded in good spirits and seemed to being doing better. Her husband tells me she would perk up for friends who called. I didn't know she had gone downhill so quickly. There is a lesson to be learned here.

I am also encouraged that other friends and family who are battling cancer are educating themselves, getting second opinions and looking at alternative treatments. (Read Jim Miller's story on the Inspiration page of this blog.) In my relationships with my Juice Plus community there are many medical professionals and holistic medicine practitioners. Some of them are certified in both areas. I have learned so much from all of them in the past eight or nine years. None of them recommend cancer patients forgo chemotherapy but some people can't or won't choose that path to wellness.

I have a family member who is allergic to the different chemo drugs and I have another friend who refuses to go through chemo. For them the alternatives simply make more sense. Praise God that there are choices (like the Hippocrates Health Institute)for them.

Lord place your healing hand on those who suffer from diseases of the body or mind. Bless those who care for the sick, the nurses and doctors and hospice workers. Comfort those who are grieving for the loss of a beloved companion. Be present in their lives Lord through your Holy Spirit. Amen